Sun: Kilphar
Moon: Tiylshan
Languages: Ancient and Modern
Religion: polytheistic

Melphor is the third planet in orbit around the golden sun the natives call Kilphar. It is home to a wide range of people. Its singular moon, Tiylshan, has an orbit of 26 days


The year on Melphor is broken up differently depending on what part of the world you’re from. On the main continent of Ardren and on the Shai’then island of Ju'shal'long, the year is divided into 36 weeks with each week containing 12 days. Each day has 22 hours. The weeks are all named for a patron god or goddess. The days are named for lesser gods. The days are the same each week. On Keltos, the year is divided up into 13 months. Each month has a distinct name and a patron deity. The year has 384 days.
There is also a yearly cycle that repeats every 16 years. Each year in the cycle is assigned a protective deity and an element. Some years are good fortune to be born in and others not so much.

On the continent of Ardren, hours are called Chimes and they are named rather than numbered. Each Chime or hour has 70 minutes.

  1. Aj’all
  2. Taj’all
  3. Nej’all
  4. Cer’jall
  5. So’jall
  6. Bij’all
  7. Xuj’all
  8. Uenj’all
  9. Meij’all
  10. Dusj’all
  11. Yoj’all
  12. Etj’all
  13. Finj’all
  14. Gaj’all
  15. Hunj’all
  16. Isoj’all
  17. Zutj’all
  18. Kakj’all
  19. Julj’all
  20. Plej’all
  21. Rasj’all
  22. Verj’all

The system of counting time on Keltos is quite different.

Sunwatch (7th hour)
Sunwatch climbing 1
Sunwatch climbing 2
Sunwatch climbing 3
Fullwatch (11th hour)
Fullwatch climbing 1
Fullwatch climbing 2
Fullwatch climbing 3
Sundown (15th hour)
Sundown climbing 1
Sundown climbing 2
Sundown climbing 3
Moonwatch (19th hour)
Moonwatch climbing 1
Moonwatch climbing 2
Moonwatch climbing 3
Fullrise (1st hour)
Fullrise climbing 1
Fullrise climbing 2
Fullrise climbing 3
Fulldark(4th hour)
Fulldark climbing 1
Fulldark climbing 2

There are only three hours of Fulldark as opposed to the gour hours in the other blocks of time as there are only three hours of total darkness.

Days The days of the week are pretty much the same on Ardren and Keltos.

  1. Jalair
  2. Lyvenath
  3. Rildon
  4. Yorenda
  5. Azulain
  6. Chankokulen
  7. Rouseigi
  8. Setnesu
  9. Quelef
  10. Taikoru
  11. Zunomia
  12. Naltusai

Language – Ancient
This language uses glyphs to represent words rather than using simplified symbols as the modern language does. It utilizes a phonetic pronunciation. This is the ancestral language of the Lunyari people. On Ardren, Scholars are really the only ones who can read this language as it has fallen out of use even with the Lunyari people. It is largely used for personal names.

Language – Modern
The modern language was created by scholars by blending all of the languages of the Soulforge Alliance to replace the need to learn each individual race’s language. All children are taught to speak it. This language isn’t widely found on Keltos. It consists of a set of simplified symbols that represent words or concepts. Often, symbols can be combined into each other to make new words.