Sayings and oaths

By the Lady’s Eye
            It is a reference to the moon Tiylshan, which is the symbol of the goddess Kephru, who is known as the Lady.

Hackani Prokuna
            Literally means ‘without worry’, it is used in several different contexts such as ‘don’t worry’ or ‘no worries’.

Cross my heart and cross my eye, kiss a Kairyyl, hope to die.
            This is a fairly strong form of swearing to something. The underlined word is exchanged for something the speaker considers foul or distasteful, frequently an enemy. Some of the words used are as follows: Fyre-type, Ayre-type, Earthe-type, Aquos-type, blackwing, whitewing, Darkwinger, Palewinger, Nightlord, Kairyyl, Karshe, Felinas, Draconar, Human, Falleen, Lunyari, Centauricorn, man/male, woman/female, thief, non-thief, mage, non-mage, commie/commoner, mundie/mundane, islander, Forhiellin.

May you soar high and far.
            Traditional Shai’then greeting.

May you walk in the sun’s light for the length of your days.
            Traditional greeting from Miltan’s western border.

May your feet ever tread on the Path of Life and your quill ever write the words of truth.
            Traditional greeting given to Scholars.