“Black isn’t necessarily evil; inversely, white isn’t necessarily good.”

- Jokentha, ancient Falleen Seer

“White can be darker than black; inversely, black can be a lighter color than white.”

- Jokentha, ancient Falleen Seer

Over a thousand years ago, Ardren, the mainland of the world of Melphor, was wracked by a centuries long bloody war referred to in the Histories as the Wars of the Roses, an endless struggle to rid the world of the forces of darkness. For countless centuries, the two countries fought before the country inhabited by the forces of the light called upon its neighbor countries and formed the Soulforge Alliance. Together, they beat back the darkness and reclaimed their lands. The land of the dark things became a forbidden place to go as the evils would corrupt your soul, and all who went there did so upon pain of death.

The year is now 1172, 1177 years after the creation of the Soulforge Alliance. Rumors of creatures long thought destroyed over a thousand years ago are being whispered about in the Alliance, creatures that once served the Dark One, creatures that, if they really did still exist, threatened the stability of the Alliance with their very existence.

The Knights of the Rose, the protectors of the Alliance and the world of Melphor, swore to exterminate them at the end of the war and, if the rumors were true, would rid the world of the evil once again and preserve the peace.


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