Race: Centauricorn
Territory of origin:The country of Silvestri on Ardren, the mainland of Melphor.
General appearance: The upper half of their body is human with a long gem toned horn sprouting from the center of their forehead. The lower half is horse-like with cloven hooves. There are different types of Centauricorn. Some have fur on their feet, others not. Some have spotted coloring, or solid coloring, or blended coloring. All the types are from specific Herds and regions. For example, members of the Sundance Herd of southern Silvestri are typically solid colored with no feathering on their hooves. Members of the Fire Valley Herd are also solidly colored, but have feathering on their hooves.
Centauricorn body color has a limited range: white, black, tan, golden, red, grey, and brown. In some herds, markings are common and they aren't as common or unheard of in others. Their tail color always matches the hair on their human portion and, if they have it, their foot feathering. Hair coloring is black, blond, red, grey, or brown. Eyes can be hazel, green, brown, carmine, or violet. The horn in their forehead is gem toned and slightly transparent. Typical colors are sapphire, ruby, gold, silver, hematite, and amethyst, though other colors have appeared. Males typically have facial hair as it is a mark of age and status among the Herds. None has a beard longer than the King Stallion. They don’t often wear clothing, but when they do, they wear vests that lace up in the front. Males who are warriors wear their beards cropped short and their hair in a braid that hangs down their back.

Females wear their hair long. If they're also a warrior, they wear it up, but it's otherwise left loose. The females generally only wear tube tops, but they have been known to wear elaborately styled vests and tank tops.

Beliefs: The Centauricorns very much believe in the state religion of the worship of Shan-Illu the Shinning One and the veneration of the Day Queen Hihaye. As a species, they also venerate Lankirrinve the Warrior. According to their mythos, Lankirrinve is a male Centauricorn, deity of Dolmen, the eighth month of the year. He is the patron of warriors and the lance. Inventor of the Lankirr lance, the weapon and symbol of the Centauricorn people as well as his own personal symbol.
Special abilities: Nothing unusual. They're formidable warriors and excellent weapons smiths. The Sundance Herd is well known for producing the finest short bows on Ardren. Their long horns allow them to communicate easily with the unicorns.
Hierarchy: Each Herd is ruled by a king-stallion who is second in authority only to the King-stallion of Silvestri who can command any Centauricorn.

Cultural notes: They're very herd oriented and don't like to be alone. They rarely travel alone and prefer the company of another member of their race, but will accept any other species as a companion.

Language: They have their own language, but all are taught the common tongue of Ardren. They also communicate easily with the Unicorns through their horns. This comes naturally to them.