Personal Stats

Name: Yolanti
Race: Human
Age: 24
Birthdate: Week of Thanos, Day 07, 1162 AF
Patron by birth: Year: Deinara the Swimmer; Week: Thanos the Forger
Group Affiliation: Soulforge Alliance
Occupation: Rose Knight
Title: Knight of Fyre
House Affiliation: Nomien
Physical description: With her red hair and blue eyes, this brown skinned desert beauty is quite easy on the eye. Tall at 5’6’’ and lightly muscled, she’s not someone you’d want to challenge to an arm wrestling match.
House Colors: sandy brown, scarlet
House Gemstone: Spinel
Aura Colors:
Weapon: Sword - Starblade
Primary Power Source: Fyre
Secondary Power Source: lightning
Primary Realm of Influence: fire
Secondary Realm of Influence: storms