Personal Stats

Name: Ryaneyu
Race: Lunyari
Age: 22
Birthdate: Tiylshan 01, 1164 AF
Patron by birth: Year: Toth the Coldl; Month: Kephru
Group Affiliation:
Occupation: Nightlord
Title: Keveris Nightshade
House Affiliation: People of the Black Rose
Physical description: She is blond with black eyes. Her hair is trimmed short in the front to just above her eyebrows, hiding the solidly colored inverse triangular shape at the center of her brow. At 5’9’’ she’s quite tall. She looks a little on the thin side. Her dusky skin is marked by black stripes. On her back, her wing markings are shaped like black petals.
Personality: Her life experiences have made her somewhat cold and untrusting. She’s not very good with strangers and is slow to warm up to anyone. She has a marked dislike of being imprisoned and will not go down into a dungeon no matter what the reason. Chains make her angry. She still bears scars on her body from her one time imprisonment in Paraten.
House Colors: black, silver
House Gemstone: Snowflake obsidian
Sigil: a black rose
Aura Colors: red, silver
Weapon: Sword - Nightbringer
Primary Power Source: Fyre
Secondary Power Source: heat
Primary Realm of Influence: soul
Secondary Realm of Influence: purification