Personal Stats

Name: Jandarin
Race: Lunyari
Age: 27
Birthdate: Jekenth 22, 1160 AF
Patron by birth: Year: Zeshatel Thunder Voice , Month: Kihitvela the Sleeper
Group Affiliation:
Occupation: Nightlord
Title: Srithchan Darkwave
House Affiliation: People of the Red Fox
Physical description: When they appear, her wings are more of a grey color than the typical silver sported by many Lunyari. The spots on her back that mark her wings are the same shape as her reddish body markings but a few shades darker. Her hair is a very pale blond while her eyes are a very brilliant blue. She has the typically dusky skin of her people. She’s tall for a Lunyari at 6 feet even.
Clan Colors: red, gold
Sigil: Fox head
Aura Colors: blue, aquamarine
Weapon: Sword – Wavesong
Primary Power Source: Aquos
Secondary Power Source: water
Primary Realm of Influence: Tides
Secondary Realm of Influence: wisdom