Personal Stats

Name: Isolanna
Race: Human
Age: 28
Birthdate: Schelast 07, 1158 AF
Patron by birth: Year: Shan-Illu; Month: Hebron/Kiten
Group Affiliation:
Occupation: Nightlord
Title: Shoshan Darksun
House Affiliation: Solien
Physical description: Elegantly tall at 5’9’’ and slender, she has waist long platinum blond hair and liquid blue eyes that seem to see right into your soul.
Personality: Outwardly calm, inside she’s a ball of energy. She’s learned how to channel her boundless energy, storing it in gemstones that she decorates her body with for times of greater need. She’s quite patient.
House Colors: yellow and black
House Gemstone: Zircon
Aura Colors:
Weapon: Pole arm – Sunhammer; Fan – Golden Light
Primary Power Source: Fyre
Secondary Power Source: fire
Primary Realm of Influence: sunlight
Secondary Realm of Influence: beauty