Personal Stats

Name: Hilandra
Race: Regal Lunyari
Age: 2531 (Immortal)
Birthdate:Tiylshan 20, 1342 BF(y.1842)
Patron by birth: Kephru
Group Affiliation:
Occupation: Queen
Title: Queen of the Night/Queen of Twilight
House Affiliation: Melphor
Physical description: She has eyes that are a dark purple in color surrounded by long, thick lashes. Her skin is paler than is usual for a Lunyari. Given who her mother is, it is perhaps unsurprising that her kin is milky white. The body stripes sported by all Lunyari are dark purple. In the center of her forehead is a solidly colored circle. Her hair was once as black as the starless night, though it has since silvered out and is the only sign of her immense age. She’s on the short end of the spectrum for a Lunyari and only 5’6’’. When they are displayed, her feathered wings are silver in color. The markings showing where the wings would be on her back are silver and shaped like crescent moons.
Clan Colors: gold and silver
Sigil: The sigil of House Melphor consists of three intersecting ovals with the combined sigils for Center and Esprit at the center. Traditionally, the ovals are colored silver and the central sigils are both colored gold.
Aura Colors: silver
Weapon: Lunar staff
Primary Power Source: Spirit
Secondary Source: infinity/eternity
Primary Realm of Influence: Life
Secondary Realm: Balance


Hilandra is Hihaye’s half sister, though neither really likes admitting to the kinship. Her mother is Kephru and her father is Tenyuu.