Personal Stats

Name: Hihaye
Race: Regal Lunyari
Age: 2531 (Immortal)
Birthdate: Week of Shan-Illu, Day 07, 1342 BF(y.1842)
Patron by birth: Shan-Illu
Group Affiliation: Soulforge Alliance
Occupation: Queen
Title: Queen of the Day/Queen of the Dawn
House Affiliation: Melphor
Physical description: Her hair, unlike that of her half-sister, is completely white. Her eyes are golden in color, an unusual color for a Lunyari. Her skin is the typical dusky color of her species, but she lacks any sort of bodily marking. It is theorized that she had them at one point, but as her skin tanned from being out in the sun as often as she is, the markings, which were only a little darker than her skin tone, didn’t tan along with the skin. She falls into a normal height range at 5’10’’. When they are displayed, her feathered wings are golden in color. The markings showing where the wings would be on her back are golden and shaped like teardrops.
Clan Colors: gold and silver
Sigil: The sigil of House Melphor consists of three intersecting ovals with the combined sigils for Center and Esprit at the center. Traditionally, the ovals are colored silver and the central sigils are both colored gold.
Aura Colors: gold
Weapon: Solar Staff
Primary Power Source: Spirit
Secondary Source: infinity/eternity
Primary Realm of Influence: Soul
Secondary Realm: love


Hihaye is Hilandra’s half sister, though neither really likes admitting to the kinship. Her mother is Shan-Illu and her father is Tenyuu.