Personal Stats

Name: Drathru
Race: Kairyll Felinas
Age: 23
Birthdate: Yukari 15, 1163 AF
Patron by birth: Year: Month: Junati
Group Affiliation:
Occupation: Mage
Clan Affiliation: Ometiklai
Physical description: She has black fur and golden eyes. Her hair is very dark red, nearly black with a green lock dyed into her bangs. Her wing membranes are a deep purple. She typically dresses in loose clothing and loves wearing jewelry. Her favorite personal adornment is wrapping ribbons around her feet and lower legs. She is never seen without her mage focus on its golden chain.
Personality: Drathru is a very literal person. In her speech, she never uses contractions. Her speech is more formal than it perhaps needs to be. She finds people outside of her Clan, even other Felinas, to be quite puzzling. Despite this, she gets long reasonably well with most of her kind. Like most Kairyll, she’s wary of non-Kairyll. She is capable of abstract concepts, but sarcasm and figures of speech confuse her. Others wonder if her literalness is natural or not.
Clan Colors: gold, green
House Gemstone: jade
Aura Colors: green, gold, dark reddish yellow
Mage Stone: Gaspeite
Primary Power Source: Earthe
Secondary Power Source: rock
Primary Realm of Influence: air
Secondary Realm of Influence: nature


Drathru’s mage focus stone is quite rare on Keltos, found only in the central areas. As such, it is quite expensive to replace it, so she’s very protective of it and never lets it out of her sight.