Personal Stats

Name: Carrielnyu
Race: Human
Age: 21
Birthdate: Avreyen 01, 1166 AF
Patron by birth: Year: Szinre Prey Pacer Month: Delyar Burning Hands
Group Affiliation:
Occupation: Nightlord
Title: Shiona Nightwing
House Affiliation: House Tarbeno
Physical description: Carrielnyu has shoulder length red-brown hair that is even in length all the way around. She wears it with her bangs pinned back. Her eyes are light green. She’s fairly dainty-looking on body size and her skin is fairly light in color, largely because she doesn’t much like going out during the day. She’s only 5’4’’ tall.
Personality: As she’s the youngest of the Nightlords, she’s also the most lighthearted. She takes her duties seriously, but she also greets every day with a light heart. She feels that it’s her duty to be the lighter, more cheerful of the group as the others are all very serious about everything.
House Colors:
House Gemstone:
Aura Colors:
Weapon: Pole arm - Shiiva
Primary Power Source: Ayre
Secondary Power Source: wind
Primary Realm of Influence: storms
Secondary Realm of Influence: light water